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Day Charters (3-8 hours)

Chartering a yacht for a dinner cruise, fishing, sightseeing, weddings, corporate functions, or to spend an afternoon with your friends is easy to do, less expensive than you might think, and a whole lot of fun!

If you are in or will be visiting the Pacific Northwest, especially beautiful Vancouver, we have a large variety of yachts / vessels to browse on this site (see below). If you are looking to see what's available for 'part of a day' charters anywhere else in the world, especially Greece, please give us a call or fill out our inquiry form and tell us what you're looking for!
  • dinner cruises
  • weddings
  • corporate functions
  • carol ships
  • fireworks
  • new years eve
  • fishing
  • cruising
  • sightseeing

Pacific Northwest / Vancouver Area Day Charters

Motor Yachts
Capacity (Seated) Vessel Name - click for details
450 M.V. Queen of Diamonds
400 (385) M.V. Magic Spirit
400 (275) M.V. Britannia
370 (220) M.V. Abitibi
300 (190) M.V. Harbour Princess
275 (170) M.V. Sunset Bay
208 (208) M.V. Pride of Vancouver
200 (200) M.V. Orca Spirit II
215 (150) M.V. Magic Charm
150 (115) M.V. Constitution
99 M.V. Royal Vancouver I
100 M.V. Star of Vancouver
100 M.V. The Native
92 (92) M.V. Magic Hornblower
75 M.V. Magic Moment
60 M.V. Neptune's Jewel
50 M.V. Spirit of 2010
50 (24) M.V. Yellowfin
49 M.V. Someday
15 M.V. Takulli
12 (12) M.V. Lori J
12 M.V. Brand XXX
M.V. Westwind
Sailing Yachts
Capacity (Seated) Vessel Name - click for details
  S.V. Berkana
10/12 S.V. Home Brew
  S.V. Island Odyssey
  S.V. Island Roamer

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